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John Sungchul Hong

John Sungchul Hong (M.A., Asbury Theological Seminary; M.Div., Seoul Theological University; Th.M., Asbury Theological Seminary; and Th.D., School of Theology of Boston University). Hong is Sundo Kim Professor of Evangelism and Practical Theology at E. Stanley Jones School of World Mission and Evangelism, Asbury Theological Seminary. He was Drs. JB & Bette Crouse Professor of Evangelism at Seoul Theological University in Korea. He also serves as director of the World Evangelization Research Center in Seoul, Korea. From this Center he has published more than 103 books in Korean and one in English. He served as director of Total Impact Evangelism of OMS in Korea. He taught at Bangkok Bible College while he was a missionary in Thailand, at Madras Bible Seminary in India, and at World Mission University in Los Angeles. He also served three pastorates, one in Boston and two in Seoul, Korea. Since 1973 he has preached as an evangelist in 50 countries. He has written 16 books, edited 7 books, and translated 27 books from English into Korean. He has also written numerous theological articles.

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