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For Love of God: An Invitation to Theology


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This book is scholarly written and designed primarily for university and seminary students who are beginning to read seriously about the nature of Christian theology. Students who do not have the opportunity to study theology in a formal setting but  who take seriously a thoughtful understanding of Christian faith will also find this work accessible and invaluable. This book provides a summary of the basic ideas of what Christians believe and why they believe them. We are living in an  unprecedented period of time of pluralistic thinking when Christian believers must know why they believe in Jesus Christ. This work is a friendly invitation to consider the importance and the truthfulness of Christian belief.

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5 reviews for For Love of God: An Invitation to Theology

  1. John Woodbridge

    In a day when ‘theology’ is sometimes portrayed as uninteresting and worse yet unimportant, this book makes it clear such is simply not the case. What an attractive and readable introduction beckoning and encouraging Christians to study theology. This volume deserves a wide readership in Christian churches and schools.

  2. John F. Hart

    This book is a surprisingly down-to-earth introduction to a discipline that many Christians find intimidating—
    theology. You’ll find Dr. Campbell’s explanations easy to understand. But even more unexpected will be the spiritual and devotional tone consistently woven throughout. Your spiritual life will profit just as much as your theological understanding.

  3. Josh Waltman

    Theology is for everyone! It is far from a dull and impractical discipline for ivory tower academics! Ronnie Campbell answers the ‘why does it matter’ question in a way that challenges the mind and stirs the heart. I heartily recommend this book for Christians of all stripes who want to dive deeper in their love for God and see how their lives can be transformed by a subject that is integral to spiritual growth.

  4. Rich Beeston

    Ronnie Campbell has a wonderful talent for making the study of theology relevant, exciting and life-changing … even for the youngest Christian!

  5. Dr. Mark Eckel

    Ronnie Campbell is the sower of those seeds which, if applied, will give both church leadership and people a bountiful harvest of thoughtful Christian cultural engagement. For Love of God will help churches plant deep theological roots in anticipation of plentiful Christian fruit.

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