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Fire Baptized: The Many Lives and Works of Benjamin Hardin Irwin: A Biography and a Reader


Vinson Synan & Daniel Woods

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3 reviews for Fire Baptized: The Many Lives and Works of Benjamin Hardin Irwin: A Biography and a Reader

  1. Cheryl Bridges Johns

    Vinson Synan and Dan Woods have provided a unique window into the life of B.H. Irwin, a significant but elusive figure in early Pentecostalism. Their synthesis of solid scholarship and engaging narrative results in a significant contribution to the field of Pentecostal historical theology. Readers will find themselves relating the life of Irvin to issues present in today’s church: How do we reconcile the work of the Spirit in messy and often unfaithful lives? How do we honor religious experience while guarding against false doctrine and fanaticism?

  2. James Goff

    For more than five decades now, no one spins a Pentecostal story better than Dr. Vinson Synan. Here, after struggling literally for more than fifty years with the “mystery” of Reverend Benjamin Hardin Irwin, he finally gets the chance to tell that story as well. Dr. Synan’s narrative and Dr. Dan Woods’s excellent editing of Irwin’s own words illuminates a critical, but until now, elusive key figure in the unfolding drama of God’s work in the Pentecostal movement. Everyone interested in Pentecostal history should read this book.

  3. Billy Wilson

    Another Synan masterpiece! History comes alive around the life of one of the key figures in the early Spirit-empowered movement. Engaging, accurate, insightful and inspiring, this volume not only enlightens us on the life of Irwin but challenges us to embrace integrity in a movement at times riddled with duplicity.

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