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John Wesley on Methodism



Although John Wesley held firm theological views, he was not a sectarian separatist. His mainstream, catholic ministry remains relevant to Protestantism, Roman Catholicism, and Eastern Orthodoxy. Wesley insisted that he was “a Church of England man” and that he taught no other doctrines other than what the Scriptures made plain and the church professed. His main mission was to clarify and communicate Christianity’s enduring principles. Wesley designed his tracts to guide and renew a culture entangled in the grip of theological drift, moral uncertainty, and institutional decline in both church and state. John Wesley’s tracts in this book address practical theological and moral issues that determine the destiny of any nation in any generation. A career of careful study of John Wesley prompted British scholar Maldwyn Edwards to write, “Like all the truly great, [John Wesley] makes a fresh appeal to each new age: still he can stir the mind and still can move the heart.”

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