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By This You Will Know


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This book shows the relationship between divine authority and power, a theme that is extensively alluded to throughout the Bible. Beginning with the Gospels to the rest of the New Testament with its presentation and defense of Jesus as the Christ and Savior, and then back into the Old Testament for the unfolding revelation of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, this dual theme of authority and power are evident and compelling.

The author shows that authority entails the idea of importance, influence, right, or privilege which is recognized in a given individual, and in particular for the biblical narrative, in God and His Son Jesus Christ. Authority is closely related to power, and in some cases virtually the same, but authority is not necessarily the same as power. Power entails a certain ability or force or even the ability to use force as needed. Power involves some ability or act in or by which force is carried out or demonstrated. There is a two-fold focus of divine power throughout much of the biblical record. God demonstrates God’s power in creation and creative acts, and God also demonstrates God’s power in a variety of other mighty acts, many of which are referred to typically as biblical miracles. The power of God, whether in creation or other mighty acts, serves to demonstrate God’s authority.

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