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Getting It Right



This is an inside-out perspective of Christian perfection that attempts to integrate the inward and outward dimensions of holiness. At the same time, it seeks to place the emphasis on internal attitudes of the heart primarily demonstrated through love as foundational to holiness. However, there also exists a reciprocal relationship between the two in that external holiness serves to help validate inward holiness. The title is derived from Wesley’s emphasis on rightness in his explication of Christian perfection—right heart, right thinking, right words and works.

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  1. Dr. Laurence W. Wood

    Dr. Headley writes as a seminary professor and as a psychologist. He operates from a cognitive behavioral perspective with a emphasis on systemic thinking and the importance of interpersonal relationships. His relational cognitive-behavioral description of holiness is filled with helpful insights for those who wish to understand the practical and holistic relevance of Wesley’s concept of Christian perfection for today. His purposeful list identifies the pattern of thinking in Wesley’s use of specific words that helps to clarify the meaning of perfection and holiness. The reader will find this book inspirational and informative as it explains Wesley’s relational (non-legalistic) concept of perfection as perfect love.

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