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A Pilgrim’s Progress: The Autobiography of Barry L. Callen, 2nd Edition



This is the second edition of the autobiography of Barry L. Callen, a prominent Wesleyan/Holiness theologian and member of the (Anderson) Church of God.

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5 reviews for A Pilgrim’s Progress: The Autobiography of Barry L. Callen, 2nd Edition

  1. James Earl Massey

    The multi-phased career of Barry L. Callen is unique. His superb gifts and servant leadership have made him a valued theologian, historian, professor, author, administrator, and trusted colleague in the Church of God movement and in other church and academic circles, both in North America and around the world. This well-written life story, done at the urging of many people, lets us trace his inspiring pilgrim path as a loyal son of the church and a courageous man of faith, learning, and service. A rich read!

  2. Laurence W. Wood

    Scholar, author, educator, editor, churchman, ecumenical leader, preacher, devout family man, all of these are Dr. Callen. Above all, he is a faithful servant of the Lord whose journey has been that of a modern day pilgrim in search of the eternal city, with a desire to carry with him as many as will come. This inspiring book reads like a novel, telling the fascinating but true story of one man’s relationship to God in the context of the challenging events of his life. This autobiography will encourage others of us as we move along the way with him.

  3. Jeannette Flynn

    It is a great joy to watch an individual, yielded to the will of God, stretch and mature, always valuing the soil of his heritage, even while his life and influence come to far eclipse these beginnings. Dr. Barry Callen is one such individual. His story needs to be told. It is actually the story of how God partners with obedient children to bless and encourage the multitudes.

  4. Clark H. Pinnock

    Barry Callen has been led by God into a broad place, and he has made good use of his many opportunities. Readers will be blessed to learn of his exceptional life, preaching of the Word, scholarly endeavors, and effective practical ministries. Congratulations, faithful friend.

  5. Randy L. Maddox

    I have grown to appreciate deeply Barry Callen’s passion for Christ, the balance of his theological convictions, and his tireless work in supporting Wesleyan/Holiness scholarship as an author, editor, teacher, lecturer, and more. This self-revealing and modest account of his life and ministry, characteristics typical of him, provides a glimpse of God’s ever-active grace, and the responsiveness of one of God’s gifted children in shaping and sustaining a faithful and grace-enabled life.

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