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This book comes packaged in digestible units of single meditation readings that indicate causes and suggest cures of burnout. These I have designated by the medical sign for prescription-Rx followed by info-med for information and meditation.Thirteen crucial areas of cause and cure provide the book’s framework. In each of the thirteen divisions are seven sections. This volume spans over a quarter of a year for small group interaction (13 sections in 13 weeks, each week divided into 7 days) or for private reading and processing.

2 reviews for Rekindled

  1. Dr. Kathleen Davenport-Cobble

    After I read an early version of Rekindled: Rising from the Ashes of Burnout, I could only think, “Where was this book during my intern year? I saw in this volume so many strategies for fighting my way out of burnout, but I had to figure many of these out on my own.”

  2. Dr. Dan Johnson

    Don Demaray has done it again! He’s placed in the hands of busy, hardworking people a tool that will literally save their lives. He writes with humor and warmth about the wide range of matters that can lead to burnout and provides a path for healing and a return to vitality.

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