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Beneath the Surface


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The “New” Testament is essential for Christians, but it is less than half of the inspired Bible. The “Old” is also from God and is necessarily foundational for Christian faith. Reading the “Old,” however, is lie first approaching a work of Shakespeare. Getting to the meaning requires negotiation a strange language and culture- and most readers do not bother to make the difficult trip. But it must be done!

These pages point the way to accomplishing what Jesus expects of faithful disciples. Christians without their “Foundational” Testament are without their roots. Yeshua (Jesus) was a loyal Jew who came to fulfill, not destroy the tradition of his Father, Yahweh. To be ignorant of the beloved “Bible” of Jesus is to be largely ignorant of him. It is now time to restore Judeo-Christianity. The integrity of Christian faith and maybe even the peace of the world depend on this restoration.

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  1. Brent A. Strawn

    Barry L. Callen employs his great pedagogical skill and pastoral sensitivity in helping today’s Christians reclaim as their own what he calls the “Foundational Testament.” This important book reveals the central role that the entire Bible- including the Old Testament- plays in the life of faithful Christian belief and practice.

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