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Ancient wisdom, changing times, and struggling lives are realities that visit us all. when in personal crisis, StarWalker came to Bud and made a real difference. Who or what comes to you when your need is the greatest? Are you open to mystery, guidance from elsewhere, hope beyond what your eyes can see? Are you listening in care the voice of wisdom does speak? Do you have the capacity to believe, even when others don’t?

This story can help you survive, even with joy. Let’s hope that secrets rooted back in World War II, get revealed before everyone involved becomes a victim. Let’s hope you can find the line between vision and delusion. a new day dawned over Lake Milton for Bud Kraemer. One might also brighten your life. Be still, be open, believe! Welcome to the little village of Craig Beach on the western shore of Lake Milton. There is -or at least was- a magical woods nearby. Voices from yesterday are still hoping to be heard and guide your tomorrows.


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