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Things Unshakable


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Born in 1900, converted and called to preach at age 10, Paul S. Rees gave his life unstintingly to Gospel ministry, beginning his first pastoral experience at age 21 and continuing as senior minister, writer and traveling evangelist till nearly his last day at age 90. He came to fame as pastor of First Covenant Church, Minneapolis (1938-1958). Subsequently he became Vice President of World Vision (1958-1975). In that position he traveled extensively and took on a world perspective which brought to his pages his richest work.

His eloquence drew crowds wherever he went (he absorbed his preacher father’s Welsh power of speech). He also traveled with Billy Graham in the 1950s and into the 1960s to address clergy. He did Bible readings for the English Keswick Conference, also for the Japanese Keswick Convention. While in Minneapolis he preached on radio for some 18 years. He became what someone called “a preacher’s preacher,” and this explains the in-depth character of his sermons and the wealth of his ideas. Thoughtful people listened intently and his appeal to university students not only revealed itself in the crowded pews of First Covenant but in the colleges where he did spiritual life weeks.


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