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Speaking by the Spirit



This work develops a Classical Pentecostal theology of religions that utilizes their tradition of testimony as a pneumatological paradigm for interreligious encounter and dialogue. The author shows that Pentecostals have the opportunity of using their historic practice of personal testimony as a public form of Spirit-inspired speech for engaging in interfaith conversations. This study examines the contemporary setting of cultural diversity and religious plurality that is fast becoming typically descriptive of a world increasingly characterized by globalization with a focus on issues involving Pentecostals, especially with its strong heritage of evangelism and missions, generally conservative ethical and theological history, and undeniable multicultural variety. Its context is the United States, but its conversation is global.

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  1. Amos Yong

    I am very pleased with this thorough, expansive, creative, and carefully considered work. With Speaking by the Spirit, Tony has taken pentecostal theology of religions and theology of interfaith encounter and dialogue to a wholly new level, sublating all that has gone before him (including my own work, I am ecstatic to report) in articulating – testifying about, to be precise – a powerful theology of witness in a pluralistic world. Beginning with our joint work over the years as representatives of the Society of Pentecostal Studies to the National Council of Churches of Christ Interfaith Commission and now culminating with the completion of this volume, I feel a sense of having passed the theology of religions mantle on to this capable fellow pentecostal brother and theologian. As this volume shows, the topic is in capable hands.

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