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Gypsy Pentecostals



Gypsy Pentecostals is a ground-breaking study of the Pentecostal movement among one of the most marginalized ethnic group in Europe – the Roma, more widely known as ‘Gypsies.’ It reveals their fascinating history, mysterious culture, and deep spirituality, focusing on their massive conversion to the Pentecostal faith. This incredible movement has brought the Roma to the Christian faith in massive numbers and transformed the Roma communities in positive and constructive ways and advanced their integration into society. Even though the movement is described as a worldwide phenomenon, the book places particular emphasis on its development and dynamics in Bulgaria. Gypsy Pentecostals demonstrates the effective work of the Holy Spirit among marginal peoples.

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  1. Thomas Acton

    Miroslav Atanasov’s book tells part of the one of the most remarkable stories of religious renewal of the past century, and at the same time is a paradigm for a new, reflexive sociology of religion which transcends the legacy of ‘methodological atheism’. He recognizes that unless we address the meaning of religious experience for believers, we miss the point of religion for them. Faith is also part of human experience and susceptible to empirical scholarship; and indeed without painstaking historical scholarship, the lessons of history are lost. This book is a testimony to the truth that passionate religiosity need not imply sloppy scholarship.

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