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An Academic Hound Off the Leash


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It is difficult to keep a good hound on a leash. Hounds can chew or break some leashes. This book is about a pastor and professor who has been called a “hound dog” because of some of his inquisitive peculiarities. He spent most of his life as an adult hound, but he began life as a puppy that did not want to be held inside of a fence or on a leash. At home while he was growing up, George Buchanan had a good fox hound, named “Rex.” Rex came home from one of his trails with a large trap on one of his feet. He had obviously trailed a beast into a hole where a trapper had set a trap after the fox entered the hole and before Rex arrived. As Rex began to dig, he put his foot into the trap and dragged the trap home. When the trap was removed, he lost all of his foot, and continued to run on three legs. He still had a good nose and continued to trail foxes, but he was slowed down a little. Like Rex, George was caught in a trap rather early in life and spent most of his life trying to shake off the trap, but like Rex’s foot, his brain has been forever crippled—but his hound dog genes still functioned. His early life began in Arion, Iowa, where he started to school. At the same time he attended the school of hard knocks. As a puppy he was not born with fighting genes, but against his natural inclinations, he learned to fight. This autobiography is a story about George becoming an academic hound off the leash.


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