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The Genealogy of Jesus Christ


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Why is the Genealogy of Jesus Important? These fifteen evangelistic sermons are based on the theme of “the genealogy of Jesus Christ” in Matthew 1:11.

Before John Hong became a follower of Christ, he was required to read the gospel of Matthew in one of his classes as a sophomore in college. He considered this gospel to be boring and meaningless. By the time he was a senior in college, he was impressed to accept Christ as his personal Lord and Savior through the witness of other Christian students. The covenant that God had made with humanity through Abraham to Christ particularly caught his attention, and the gospel of Matthew in particular became a source of insight and blessing to him as he realized the connected history that New Testament believers have with Old Testament believers through Christ.

The Gospel of Matthew begins with “an account of the genealogy of Jesus the Messiah, the son of David, the son of Abraham.” The word, ‘genealogy,’ means a pedigree or a clan register. Then why does Matthew, the very first book of the New Testament, begin his Gospel with the introduction of the genealogy of Jesus? This series of inspirational sermons provide encouraging and insightful answers to this question.


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