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Coming Home


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Our world has shrunk. This is the glory and agony of modern life. There is no longer any way to escape neighbors who are different. The resulting questions plague us. How can we deal with this uncomfortable fact that’s crowding in on us? Is diversity necessarily destructive? Can it be a force for human enrichment? Let’s hope so! Denny and Evie were separated from their homes and even themselves—and they were surrounded by strangers they didn’t understand or accept. They are us, so take this story personally! Where is home? How do we get there? Can we get there by ourselves? The journey is never over, and never easy, especially today, and you should be warned. It can be downright dangerous. Evie’s bright red convertible is about ready to head out into the wilderness of yesterday and today. You are invited to come along—if you dare.

2 reviews for Coming Home

  1. Kenneth Collins

    Here is a yarn that twists like an old country road, chock full of memorable characters, revealing that small town life can sometimes become a window on a much larger world.

  2. William Kostlevy

    Barry Callen captures beautifully the deep human need for community, love, and purpose in life. Without leaving Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio, Dr. Callen takes us on a journey ranging from the Middle Ages, through the Second Great Awakening, and the rise of the American Holiness Movement, culminating in modernity’s so-called “War on Terror.” In this novel of our time, and of all times, cultures are stereotyped and respected, and individuals hated and changed. How desperately today’s world needs to take this journey of understanding and transformation!

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