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For Such a Time as This



In this volume Antipas Harris brings these dimensions to bear as he focuses on the pastoral theology of two African American Independent pentecostal churches. The first, the Rock of Life Church, was initially affiliated with the United Pentecostal Church, the largest “Oneness” Pentecostal denomination in the United States that has been historically white. The second, a Church of God Pillar of Truth Church, was initially associated with the Church of God in Christ, the largest Pentecostal denomination in the United States that is Trinitarian and historically African-American. In each case, he argues, there is a breakdown in the relationship between their interpretation of scripture, experiences of the Spirit, and culture. Instead of this “trilateral” resulting in a liberating power of the gospel, it has led repressive measures, particularly as applied to women. The problem, he maintains, stems from inadequate critical reflection, often made unilaterally by a single male leader that is “imposed” upon a congregation. Using biblical models of decision-making such as illustrated by Jerusalem Council recorded in Acts 15, Harris is confident that these churches possess the resources necessary that will enable them to shape and reshape church practices that do not compromise core theological beliefs while at the same time remain open to redefining the church’s identity and mission in such a way that is truly liberating.

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  1. Dr. Harvey Cox

    The pentecostal movement is not only growing rapidly all over the world, it is changing, multiplying and dividing. But it is also maturing. Younger scholars in the movement see the need for a “theological head” to go together with the “experiential heart.” But to be pentecostal, this theology will have to be practical. Harris’s book makes a substantial contribution to this important process. He deftly weaves together case studies of actual congregations with clearly written theological thinking. This book is required for anyone interested in the pentecostal movement.

  2. Dr. Estrelda Alexander

    So many books are written for and about emerging leaders of growing and mega-church congregations. However, until now, no one had given necessary attention to the small congregations that are so much a part of the urban and rural contours of our nation and throughout the globe. While lifting up the valuable contribution of independent pentecostal congregations, Harris uses the issue of the treatment of women in the church as a focal point for his critique, vigorously challenging independent pentecostal leaders to engage in “critical theological strategies to reshape doctrinal practices” in line with the contemporary culture in which they find themselves. More importantly, his excellent insights provide practical tools to begin that course of action by employing the need for a new ecclesial paradigm that includes more communal participation in the theological process.

  3. Dr. Kenneth C. Ulmer

    Dr. Antipas Harris has strengthened a historically weak link in the contemporary pentecostal experience. By this thorough work, the contemporary pentecostal/charismatic movement is enhanced: the fervency of Spiritfilled liturgy, the life changing dimensions of anointed pneumatology, the inspiration of worshipful musicology are reinforced by a dynamic well structured practical theology. The Spirit blows where it wishes. For Such a Time as This is a fresh breath of theological wind!

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