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Global Renewal



This book explores the historical,theological and intercultural dimensions of these twin twentieth-century Restorationists traditions from a global perspective. In this volume Clifton Clarke and Amos Yong have edited essays that address the theological task of how an evangelistic theological tradition engages in authentic dialogue with non-Christian religions. Originally presented at a symposium held at Regent University, this volume breaks new ground as many of the leading global Pentecostal/Charismatic scholars addressing this issue were brought together to reflect upon this question. The results that emerge offer exciting possible trajectories as these persons join forces with scholars of other Christian traditions to engage in this significant dialogue of our time.

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2 reviews for Global Renewal

  1. Dr. Frances S. Adeney

    This book asks the right questions about Christian theologies of religion in a pluralstic world that has been dominated by Western post-enlightenment models of discourse. How can cooperation among religions be fostered from Christian theologies that have been tied to an exclusivistic view of Christian mission? How can renewal theology contribute to the charismatic movement’s engagement with other religions? The book addresses those questions in three ways: 1) It explores both the limitations of theologies of religion linked to a Western enlightenment epistemology and the need for a paradigm of Christian engagement that goes beyond the exclusive/inclusive/pluralistic paradigm. 2) It models a pneumatological approach to engaging issues across religions, addressing specific issues in Buddhist, Hindu and Islamic religions in particular contexts. 3) Finally the book presents an internal critique of problems that the charismatic movement has encountered in their evangelism among people of other religions.

  2. Timothy C. Tennent

    This remarkable series of essays by leading renewalists scholars opens the door to a fresh array of discussions regarding interreligious dialogue and an emerging theology of religions which is informed more explicitly by the person and work of the Holy Spirit. The result is a series of thoughtful contributions, both historical and conceptual, which will enable the church to move simultaneously closer to biblical fidelity to the uniqueness of the Christian message and closer to our non-Christian friends from other faiths. These essays draw upon the familiar language of Pentecostal discourse but, in the process, illuminate a fresh theology of prevenient grace. In the process, these essays challenge conventional notions of epistemology, but nevertheless remain within the boundaries of a Christo-centric soteriology. If read carefully this book will enable the larger evangelical community to embrace a more robust Trinitarian missiology.

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