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The Scripture Principle



This book is a fresh examination of the authority and reliability of the Bible for the thoughtful Christian believer today. We live in a world of emerging ideas stemming largely from a reassessment of the critical thinking of the Enlightenment and the modern, secular age. The modern world created “a crisis of the Scripture principle” by substituting critical reason as the principle for knowing final truth. The postmodern world looks at things quite differently, focusing on what it means to live in a world where there seems to be no rational certainties, no philosophical proofs, and no final authorities. In the face of these modern and postmodern challenges, these Evangelical authors offer a fresh, informed, and balanced view of the role of the Scriptures in knowing God.

2 reviews for The Scripture Principle

  1. Joel Green

    In the ongoing struggle to articulate well the role of Scripture in Christian faith and life, The Scripture Principle has been and remains a landmark study. It bears witness to a remarkable journey to embrace fully the confidence Christians have in their Scriptures while taking seriously the contextual rootedness of the biblical texts, evangelical claims and counterclaims regarding the nature of the Bible, and the ebb and flow of church and denominational politics as these have centered on the Bible. The result is this important and welcome statement upholding the trustworthiness of the message of Scripture and its role in the transformation of all who seek to know, love, and obey the God who speaks in and through the Scriptures.

  2. David R. Bauer

    This is one of the most balanced and judicious treatments on biblical authority I have read. Callen and Pinnock write with passion but without polemic. Their arguments are trenchant without being bellicose. They have rendered a great service to students and scholars alike by clearing away the secondary issues and focusing in a positive and constructive fashion upon the most critical aspects of scripture authority.

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