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The Roots of Terrorism in Israel and Palestine


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The young man got to his feet and began, slowly, to dance on his own, moving his arms and clapping. With a broad smile he continued as others left their tables and joined him, until twenty or thirty young men and women were dancing, moving in unison and celebration, clapping and laughing. The rest of the room picked up the clapping and the spontaneous dance continued, engaging all in the restaurant. Who were they? They were Jews and Arabs from Israel! They had gathered with English sports coaches for a training week, in preparation for their Summer football project in the Galilee with 1200 Arab and Jewish children from 26 towns and villages. It was Saturday evening, 3 March 2007, and something spontaneous and remarkable was taking place after dinner at Sprinters Restaurant of The Chelsea School of Physical Education in Eastbourne. What happened could be a forerunner of the final paragraph of this book at the end of Chapter 6. Time will tell, but one day…

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2 reviews for The Roots of Terrorism in Israel and Palestine

  1. Desmond M. Tutu

    Geoffrey Whitfield has provided a balanced and constructive assessment of the Jewish-Arab conflict in Israel. He has proposed a way of reconciliation and peace in this troubled land. I hope this book will be widely read because it will bring enlightenment to those who seek to understand the political and religious issues that afflict Israel and Palestine and the rest of the world as well.

  2. Dr. Laurence W. Wood

    This is a book every American must read. This is a balanced and sensible perspective missing in many discussions of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

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