Created for Responsibility
Anthony J. Headley


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PROFESSOR TONY HEADLEY has arranged the ten chapters of Created for Responsibility to reveal the fresh and simple truths about how we all live in full accountability to—our Creator God, to ourselves, and to one another. I know Dr. Headley, and often as I read Created for Responsibility with its many faces of responsibility, I hear him singing. Tony's smooth flowing paragraphs have the cadence of poetry. When Tony preaches I am comforted by his gentleness and passion-and those caressing features come through in his writing as well. I am a great grandfather. I celebrate the assurance that the generations which follow me are created in the image of God created for full agency and moral responsibility. And I am comforted that all humans, however they misunderstand who God is, cannot do violence to any of us without sensing that they are violating God's gift of "responsibility."

--Dr. Donald N. Joy, Asbury Theological Seminary

TONY HEADLEY has given us a responsible book on responsibility. He shares from long-term teaching and counseling, Bible study and love of literature both Biblical and secular. Dr. Headley pulls no punches: he tells it like it is, exposing our excuse mechanisms. He also shows the way to healing and living the life of integrity.

--Dr. Donald E. Demaray, Asbury Theological Seminary


TONY HEADLEY’S book Created for Responsibility offers far more than the modest title actually promises. The book is a great read. Its message is enlivened with a timely and gripping theme: human beings are created to live responsibly. Dr. Headley, a practicing psychologist, demonstrates an acute, fully Christian understanding of the dynamics of human relationships. He offers insightful analysis into how brutal pain enters our lives through irresponsibility and how sin, misunderstanding, fear and dishonesty block movement toward responsibility and wholeness. With practical, pointed illustrations, Headley offers hopeful general principles and specific advice to individuals ready to begin living a healthy Christian life rooted in God's plan for humans to live responsibly.

--Dr. Harold W. Burgess, Asbury Theological Seminary


About the Author:

Anthony J. Headley is professor of counseling at Asbury Theological Seminary where he has served since 1990. He has taught in theological education in the Antigua, Jamaica, Russia and Nigeria and leads seminars for clergy in the USA and overseas. He is an ordained elder in the Free Methodist Church of North America and a licensed psychologist and Health Service Provider in the State of Kentucky. He is married to Adina and has three adult sons.





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