Heart of the Matter
Barry L. Callen


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Exploration of the world of Christian theology is attempted here in a way much different from the usual long narratives.  This time it happens in the midst of frank conversations among theological greats of the present and recent past.  No one gets to ramble on alone, free of others who have differing persuasions and experiences.  You are invited to come on in and listen.  


In Heart of the Matter, twenty-one voices are heard in all.  Each voice represents wide experience and is full on conviction this is heard respectfully by the others.  These conversations are informed and sometimes rather personal exchanges, although never yelling matches of the immature and undisciplined.  Comments made are carefully referenced to published sources.  


The conversation participants cross lines of century, culture, gender, and Christian tradition, and they represent both the "mainline" and out boundaries of the Christian theological community.  Truth is where you find it, and it's hardly God's eternal truth if it cannot withstand the shifting winds of lively and well-informed conversation.  Rather than just rambling, these spirited conversations are in search of the heart of the matter, the core of truth, the foundations of Christian faith.


About the Author:

     Barry L. Callen holds earned doctoral degrees from Chicago Theological Seminary and Indiana University and masters degrees from Anderson University School of Theology and Asbury Theological Seminary and is Professor of Christian Studies at Anderson University. He has been editor of the Wesleyan Theological Journal since 1992 and is the founding editor of Anderson University Press. He has written or edited more than thirty books, several involving the history, teachings, and leaders of the Church of God movement (Anderson).





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